Muscular is a robust and stable sans-serif typeface that aims to simulate muscles within its characters. Taking inspiration from other neo-grotesque typefaces, the shapes are pushed beyond the meaning of what a thicker style could look like. In the bold version, muscles are depicted with curvaceous lines, evident in characters like 'M,' where the curvy top contrasts with the straight lines below. This infusion of muscular shapes adds a unique yet legible quality to the typeface.


Hackon is an aggressive italic display typeface with pointy backwards serifs on the bottom. These unusual serif shapes have been established during my own little stone carving experience with an internship at a stonemasonry. A project that started as a fun experiment and exploration on real stone materials got translated into a fully working typeface.


Saku is initialy designed to be used on gravestones. Giving names a warm and friendly feeling on the cold stone materials. The sharp serifs that appears often on gravestone typography have been transformed to a softer and a friendlier look. These characteristics together with the combination of a capital next to a lowercase makes Saku also ideal for other decorative uses.


Mycela gets her name from Mycelium which is the vegetative part of a fungus or fungus-like bacterial colony, consisting of branching thread-like hyphae. It can either appear so tiny that it can’t be seen or grow thousands of acres big. Similar to this fungus, in this typeface you can make words grow in an infinite amount of characters and still have it connected.

Oldenorth is a typeface that focusses on legibility from a middistance while also adding a unique decorative characterism to it: Low Cap-Height, flat surface on each glyph and a few unique glyph designs(m,k). Oldenorth also combines round shapes with sharp strokes and sharp endings, making it both dangerous but also elegantin its total.

Gruwel represents the raw and sharp aestethic of my personality. Crafted while listening to the most grimy and darkest techno out there. The font has sharp edges which can be seen as sharp fangs from killer animals, hence the name ‘Gruwel’ which is a Dutch word for ‘Horror’.

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