Peter Roeleveld is a type fanatic who loves to research, explore and create typographic works. Striving to deliver creations that’s not always digital based, but rather explored on other mediums or materials. His typographic work is often used as an ingedrient by other designers that cook their own receipt with it.

Education & Courses
2013-2017: MBO MediaCollege Amsterdam, Media design
2017-2017: Bachelors Graphic Design at Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague
2018-2022:  Bachelors Graphic Design at University of Arts, Utrecht
2019: Imagine Tomorrow Masterclass at Karlsruhe University: Karlsruhe, DE

2015: Intern at O’neill Europe HQ: Warmond, NL
2016: Intern at Woedend!: Amsterdam, NL
2021: Intern at Joh.Jansen & zn, Utrecht, NL

2020: Salon  HKU
2021: Kam Kari La
2021: Just A Like, Setup
2021: Jaarbeurs Utrecht
2021: Hit The Curb, HKUFeesten
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Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Spark AR,
Processing, Arduino, Glyphs, Blender, TouchDesigner, VirtualDJ 8, Sublime text

Exhibitions & Publications
2020: ABRI Acedemie Galerie, Utrecht, NL
2020: New Aesthethic Vol 2.

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