Education & Courses
2013-2017: MBO MediaCollege Amsterdam, Media design
2017-2017: Bachelors Graphic Design at Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague
2018-2022:  Bachelors Graphic Design at University of Arts, Utrecht
2019: Imagine Tomorrow Masterclass at Karlsruhe University: Karlsruhe, DE

2015: Intern at O’neill Europe HQ: Warmond, NL
2016: Intern at Woedend!: Amsterdam, NL
2021: Intern at Joh.Jansen & zn, Utrecht, NL

2020: Salon  HKU
2021: Kam Kari La
2021: Just A Like, Setup
2021: Jaarbeurs Utrecht
2021: Hit The Curb, HKUFeesten
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Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Spark AR,
Processing, Arduino, Glyphs, Blender, TouchDesigner, VirtualDJ 8, Sublime text

Exhibitions & Publications
2020: ABRI Acedemie Galerie, Utrecht, NL
2020: New Aesthethic Vol 2.

Type01: Experimenting with Uniqueness and Legibility + Exploring Alter-egos Through Design | A Catch Up with Peter Roeleveld 
People of Print: Introduction to Peter Roeleveld 
HKU: Winners of the Utrecht Jaarbeurs Poster contest Blog 199/Sites in use

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